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Maintaining Relationships During These Uncertain Times

Maintaining Relationships During These Uncertain Times


2020 was a crazy year for all of us!  It made me rethink what I really need in my life and what brings me the most joy. 2020 left many feeling lonely and isolated. We were not able to gather with family and friends during the holidays. We could no longer call up a friend and say….”Hey, whacha doing? Lets get together to catch up.” Graduations and proms were cancelled. Children were no longer able to attend school in person and were forced to attend school virtually. Some graduating seniors were not able to go away, as originally planned, for their first year of college. We waved to our parents from afar as we dropped groceries off on their doorsteps. The forced separation made me realize how important my relationships were with my family and friends. Sadly, many of us had to watch on the sidelines while our loved one’s battled with sickness, unable to be close to lend a helping hand or provide in-person support and comfort. Moreover, many of us have lost loved ones during this trying time. 2020 has made the importance and significance of our relationships abundantly clear! Being in healthy, happy relationships are a powerful contributor to our overall mental (and even physical) well-being! And in the end, its one of the most important things we have!  While we are not out of the woods yet, here are my top 4 suggestions for maintaining contact and consistently nurturing our important relationships during these uncertain times.

1. Call your friends and family to check on them. You notice I said CALL….not text, or comment on social media, or email……CALL! Phone calls are more personal and enable you to have a conversation. You can hear someone’s mood in their voice and will be able to communicate more clearly an effectively with a phone call, as opposed to a quick impersonal text. I know we are all “zoomed out” with work meetings, etc., but video calls and facetime are also helpful in maintaining that connection.

2. Get creative! Plan game nights over zoom or other platforms with family and friends. Have a video cookoff. Plan to meet with girlfriends over a social platform for Happy Hour.

3. If you are fortunate enough to live with a significant other, children or other family members, take this opportunity to boost that quality family time. Schedule a movie night once a week. Have dinner together as a family. Plan family game nights.

4. If you are having difficulties in certain important relationships, now is the time to consider thinking about working through those difficulties. I mean, we have time, make the call….talk it through, and focus less on “being right” and more on understanding, forgiveness and reconciliation (if possible).

How are you maintaining those important relationships, while doing your part to keep everyone safe and healthy? I’d love to hear from you!

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    September 12, 2022 at 3:06 am -

    Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

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